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  • VODKA, Potato (Gluten Free)

    VODKA, Potato (Gluten Free)

    Pennsylvania Potatoes are used in the fermentation and distillation for an exceptionally crisp profile with a subtle fragrance and a hint of natural sweetness from the potatoes.

    Tasting Notes Nose: Melon, Lime, Lemon Peel, Mint, Faint Floral, Dried Licorice, Light Spice, Rye, Bread.

    Palate: Toffee, Cream, Custardy, Vanilla, Honey, Lemon Peel, Wintergreen, Potato, Spices, Balanced, Clean, Smooth, Silky, Vibrant, Interesting.

    Finish: Vanilla, Sweet Vanilla Pudding, Lemon Peel, Anise, Spicy, Smooth.


  • VODKA, Wheat

    VODKA, Wheat

    Wheat procured from the mid-west, fermented and distilled to a silky smooth and neutral profile. Excellent for all cocktails and 'better tasting than expensive imports' according to consumers.

    Tasting Notes Nose: Vanilla, cream, pastry dough, light herbaceous, crisp spring-like mint.

    Palate: Vanilla, creamy, sweet grains, lemon peel, herbal, minty, wintergreen, hazelnut, peppery, smooth, clean.

    Finish: Whipped cream, creamy, citrus, lightly spicy, peppery, clean, soft, smooth, silky, delicate.


  • American Gin

    American Gin

    Xplorer American Dry Gin is made with 14 different botanicals from Europe, Madagascar and Tanzania and include Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cubeb Berries, Grains of Paradise, Orange, Lemon and a blend of 5 proprietary herbs that are vapor infused for an exceptionally clean and dry finish.

    Tasting Notes Nose: Citrus, Juniper, light. fragrant.

    Palate: Full bodied, Dry Juniper, Coriander, Citrus, Lemon, Sweet, Liquorice, Anise, Cinnamon, Spices smooth, slight peppery spice, refreshing, crisp, smooth.

    Finish: An exceptionally crisp dry Gin, Fresh, fruity, citrus, light, bright, refreshing.


  • Rooibos Flavored Gin

    Rooibos Flavored Gin

    Rooibos Flavored Gin is made with the Rooibos herb and 14 different botanicals that are vapor infused with the health benefits of anti-oxidants and polyphenols from the Rooibos herb.

    Tasting Notes Nose: Light, herbaceous, crisp, juniper.

    Palate: Herbal, creamy, sweet and nutty, liquorice, citrus, slightly peppery, crisp & smooth, flavorful taste with a taste of Rooibos.

    Finish: Smooth Rich finish with a hint of Spices and Rooibos notes.


  • Bourbon Whiskey (High Rye)

    Bourbon Whiskey (High Rye)

    Xplorer Bourbon Whiskey (High Rye) is produced exclusively from North American Corn, Rye & Malt, distilled and aged to perfection for an ultra-smooth taste.

    Appearance: Warm, see through Amber, with a glint of Orange.

    Tasting Notes: Aroma: Nice balance of soft Caramel, Vanilla with faint Sweet Corn and some spice.  

    Palate: Caramel, Vanilla, Maple, Honey, Cream, Fig, Rye, Spices, Complex, very light Oak with subtle sweetness.

    Finish: Smooth Rich finish with a hint of spices


  • Chocolate Bourbon

    Chocolate Bourbon

    Xplorer Chocolate Bourbon Liqueur is made using Xplorer Bourbon Whiskey, Cacao from Uganda, Dominican Republic & Ecuador

    Appearance: Deep brown Chocolate color

    Tasting Notes Aroma: Sweet Chocolate.

    Palate: Creamy, smooth chocolate taste well balanced with a hint of Bourbon and the right balance of sweetness

    Finish: Enjoy the rich & creamy notes of dark chocolate, maple, and caramel.


  • Honey Bourbon

    Honey Bourbon

    Pennsylvania Dark Honey blended with Xplorer Bourbon Whiskey (made with Corn, Rye & Malt) is used to produce this exceptionally smooth and rich liqueur, a connoisseurs' delight.

    Appearance: Deep Amber, with a glint of Orange.

    Tasting Notes: Aroma: Sweet Caramel, Honey, Cream & Vanilla.

    Palate: Honey, Maple, Caramel, Cream, Fig Vanilla, Smooth.

    Finish: Smooth Rich finish.


  • Peach Bourbon

    Peach Bourbon

    Xplorer Peach Bourbon Liqueur is made from Xplorer Bourbon blended with ripe peaches from South Carolina and Georgia

    Appearance: Bright, vibrant, ripe Peach color,

    Tasting Notes Aroma: Sweet Ripe Peaches

    Palate: Creamy, smooth, delicate balance of ripe peaches from GA & SC and smoothness

    Finish: Taste the notes of ripe peach, cream and vanilla.


  • Penna Dutch Apple Pie

    Penna Dutch Apple Pie

    Whiskey, Vodka, Pennsylvanian Apples, Tanzanian Cinnamon and Spices make this a bold, spiced and delicious Apple Pie labeled as 'better than grandma's apple pie!'

    Tasting Notes Nose: Caramel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cream, All-spice, Apple, Delicate, Fruity.

    Palate: Vanilla, Creamy, Sweet Grains, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Caramel, Apple, Cinnamon, Spices, Smooth, Clean.

    Finish: Smooth, Cinnamon, Lightly-spicy, Whipped Cream, Creamy, Soft, Silky, Delicate.